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Builder & Designer Solutions

AIS likes to work with like-minded builders, interior designers, engineers, and architects to create incredible luxury results for their clients.  Check out what AIS can do to elevate & add value to your projects. 

How AIS adds Value to Your Projects

In-house custom solutions

Technology is a part of your clients’ every day lives. Providing a system that helps them to control the technology inside & outside of their home will increase customer satisfaction.  When you partner with us, our in-house team will handle each home technology project from beginning to end, ensuring that each system is personalized to the lifestyle of each client.

Homeowners are looking for you to design and build spaces that meet their needs.  That means you need to be able to incorporate the increasing amount of technology devices in the those spaces without interrupting the flow of the design.  We have the tools that you will need to offer the same stunning results while at the same time, meeting the technology demands and expectations of each client. 

System Design & Engineering

Our in-house system design & engineering team maps out each system in the floor plan to show where the wiring, hardware, and devices will go. This floor plan can be used to make sure each device blends in, and matches the design of each space, and helps installation run smoothly.

Project Management

There’s no need for you to become a technology expert to create an incredible result for your clients.  Our in-house project management team will oversee the project all the way to the finish line, to make sure wiring & equipment are installed at the right times.


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