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AIS provides Northern Utah businesses and homeowners with premium design and installation services for AV systems (audio video systems) and automated home systems like surveillance, climate control, home intercom, motorized shades & lighting control. We are low voltage contractors, helping design and install, and integrate multi-room or whole home AV and automation systems to fit your life.

Automation and AV Systems & Services

HOME AV Installation UTAH - Home Theater, smart home automation, home security & more

When you’re looking for home technology installation services, home automation services, or audio video systems in Utah, it’s important that you choose a company that knows what they’re talking about.

Based in Tremonton, Utah, we are Northern Utah’s automation and AV services professionals. We have years of industry experience designing and installing high-end technology solutions for residential homes and businesses. Many Utah residents trust us to fulfill their audio video service needs.

Automation & AV Design Utah

We provide a variety of technology services to our customers in Northern Utah, including home network, home theater, smart shades and lighting control, multi-room audio, multi-room video, whole home audio video systems, home intercom systems, surveillance, security, and more!

Automation & AV Installation Utah

Our automation and audio video Utah installation services go above and beyond for our customers. We handle everything from the initial wiring to the full setup, whether it’s mounting a TV or installing a new home control system. We specialize in seamlessly integrating AV systems, lighting, and shading controls to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Our team ensures a smooth installation process and provides support to help you get the most out of your new systems.

Utah Smart Home Automation

Have control of your home's luxury lighting, entertainment, Smart thermostat and home security systems in the palm of your hand

Upgrade your home with a fully functional smart home integration. Smart home systems give you full control of your home, allowing you to take advantage of modern smart home automations that make your life easier. From adjusting your thermostat remotely to scheduling lighting based on your routine, these systems enhance your daily living. Plus, with voice control features, you can manage your home’s devices with just a few simple commands.

Utah Home Theater - Design and Installation

Bring the theater experience to the comfort of your own home

Our team of experts can help you transform how you watch entertainment by designing and installing a luxury home theater for you. If you’re in Utah and looking for a custom home theater with quality video, audio, and seating, let us help you! Contact us today for professional and luxury AV installation in Utah.

Utah Multi-Room Audio & video Installation

Immaculate audio and high quality video at your fingertips with Home AV System Design

Transform your home entertainment with high quality video and sound systems. These systems allow you to stream audio and video seamlessly across different rooms, ensuring a seamlessly integrated experience throughout your home. Whether you’re looking to create a home theater atmosphere or enjoy music in every room, our installations provide you with control and convenience.

Utah Home Security Camera Installation

Enjoy peace of mind with a superior home security system

Secure your peace of mind with our home security systems. These systems are designed to safeguard your home by providing full coverage, from surveillance cameras to alarm systems. With real-time monitoring and remote access capabilities, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. Our installations are customized to fit the unique needs of your home, ensuring maximum security and ease of use for you and your family.

Utah Home Network Installation

Exceptional Wi-Fi speeds and reliability throughout your home with our professional home networking

Utah Motorized Shades


Utah Lighting Control & Automation


More of our Home installation Services

no matter the project, ais has you covered.

Our Service Area — Northern Utah Automation and AV Installation Services

We can Elevate your Utah home with the latest cutting-edge home automation, audio, and Video technology in the following service areas:

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