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Lutron Motorized Shades & Lighting Control

AIS is a Northern Utah home automation design, integration, and installation specialist providing homeowners with premium home controls and automation solutions — professionally designed and fully installed. Automating your home just got easier with AIS’s wide range of home automation Utah services designed to simplify your life. 

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Utah Automation Integrators designing Smart Homes Utah Homeowners Love

Automated Home Systems: Custom-Designed Smart Home Systems Utah

Are you looking to improve the lighting in your home, or build a beautifully designed lighting system in a new home?  You have come to the right place 

Designing a lighting system that will make your house look, and feel great can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start.

We are here to help you build a great Lutron lighting & motorized shade system.  Not only will this system make your house look & feel great, it will be programmed to your lifestyle, so you can enjoy spending time doing what matters most to you.

Our home lighting control integrators in Utah will create a smart home lighting system that compliments your preferences and rewards you with the control, comfort, & safety you deserve. We can help you plan, install, and control your system to give you the best experience possible.

Custom Smart Home lighting control Systems Utah

Integrate Control of your home's lighting, entertainment, climate, and security, from the palm of your hand

What is lighting control?  Can’t you just control your lights with a switch on the wall? Of course.  But statistics show that the growing majority of homeowners want more control of the technology in the home.

This means that more homeowners are looking to be able to control their lighting in multiples ways, and from anywhere in the world.  Lighting control is about a lot more than just the ease of turning lights on and off.  It consists of customizing the schedule, brightness, color, and feel of each room.

With a great lighting control system from AIS, you can have the option of setting rooms to pre-programmed themes for parties, dinners & daily tasks.  You can also enjoy great looking control hardware like touch panels, wall switches, and more.  Control all of these great features in the same platform as the rest of your home technology.

Control Your Lighting & Shades the Way you want

Touch panels, wall plates, voice control & mobile control

Whether you are looking for control of your lighting & shades through your mobile device, or push buttons on the wall, you can control your technology the way that fits your lifestyle.

Some people like to put their phone away when they are home.  Easily controlling your lighting & shades with the push of the button on the wall, or tap of the finger on a touch panel can allow you to tune out the many distractions you may run into on a mobile device.

Gone are the days of ugly lighting control, with shapes, colors, and styles that stand out as eye sores to the rest of the home.  Enjoy high-performance lighting control with flush-mount, architectural, and custom color finishes.  

Lutron Smart Lighting Inside & Outside

Custom Integrators Can Solve Unique Home Automation Problems

Great lighting control and experiences shouldn’t just be limited to indoor spaces.  Not only is outdoor lighting great for home security, it’s also great for setting the mood and feel of parties & get-togethers.

Exterior home lighting & landscape lighting can be tied into the same system as the rest of your lighting.  Mix in outdoor shades, and you have simple, yet incredible control of the ambiance, and comfort of your outdoor living spaces.

We’ll take the hassle out of installing a new system and make sure you understand how it works so you can use it to its full potential.  

Lutron Motorized & automated window treatments & Shades

Benefit from HIgh-Quality Products & Professional Installation

Don’t settle for low-quality shades & window treatments.  Easily control the lighting, and comfort in your home with motorized shades.  Set the shades to pre-determined schedules, or manually adjust the shades to your preference at any time.

Motorized shades give you a simple way to adjust the lighting in a room.  There’s no need to worry about string, cords, stubborn shudders, or uneven blinds.  With Lutron motorized shades installed by AIS, you can enjoy an improved experience with properly functioning hardware.

Lighting, Shades & the Circadian Rhythm

LIghting designed for wellness

Did you know that automated shades, and lighting can improve your wellness?  Lighting schedules that follow your body’s natural circadian rhythm can improve your mood, and productivity.  

Our energy levels largely depend on the natural cycle of the sun.  When your shades, and lighting can align with that rhythm, you will naturally begin to feel better.  Lighting plays a strong, direct role in wellness.

With a Lutron lighting & shade system by AIS, you will enjoy improved energy and mood levels.  Reach out today to learn how AIS can help you improve your wellness with an automated lighting system.

Premium fabrics & Luxurious Designs

Create a motorized shade system that will leave a lasting impression & add to the beauty of space

One of the great advantages to a Lutron motorized shading system, is the beautiful look it will add to your spaces.  The highest quality fabrics, and pristine hardware will improve the beauty of space in any room.

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