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The AIS Team

W– Work Hard, Play Hard

I– Integrity

R– Reputation Is Everything

E– Extra Mile, And Innovative

D– Determined

The AIS Team

Taking pride in teamwork, Communication, and accountability

We work hard at AIS to create a great culture that revolves around our core values.  Each member of our team is dedicated to creating incredible custom systems for each client.  As a part of the local community, our goal is to have a positive impact. We believe that reputation is everything, and we are determined to continue to build on over 22 years in business.

Advanced Integrated Systems AIS Co-Founder Blaine
Utah AIS Project Manager
Advanced Integrated Systems Sales Employee
Advanced Integrated Systems AIS Co-Founder Ben
AIS Utah Service Manager
Advanced Integrated Systems Office Manager
Utah AIS General Manager
Advanced Integrated Systems Director of Marketing