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Business Solutions

AIS has great commercial solutions to bring all of the best technology to your business.  We pride ourselves in the highest quality technology, with the most professional, and clean installation in Northern Utah

Business Solutions

Your local technology experts

It’s no secret that technology plays a huge role in our daily lives.  Having the highest quality technology in your school, city office, police station, hospital, or business is crucial to success.

AIS has the best technology to make sure you have an efficient network, easy-to-use audio & video equipment, and a comfortable environment for high levels of productivity.

System Design & Engineering

Our in-house system design & engineering team maps out each system in the floor plan to show where the wiring, hardware, and devices will go. This floor plan can be used to make sure each device blends in, and matches the design of each space, and helps installation run smoothly.

Project Management

Our in-house project management team oversees each project start to finish.  Rather than being another part of the project that needs to be managed, AIS’s professional, experienced team will be with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life. 

Prewire Services

Pre-wire experts

Enterprise Networks

Keeping your technology running

Distributed Audio

Bring audio solutions to every corner of the office

High Quality Video Solutions

Projectors, TVs, & More

Greater Peace of Mind

Security & Access control

Light Up Your Spaces

Low-voltage Lighting & Motorized Shades