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advanced integrated systems

It’s our goal to integrate technology into the design of each space.  Technology such as speakers, TVs, lighting fixtures and shades don’t have to be distracting eye-sores. At AIS, we believe that technology should run in the back ground to shine a spotlight on what makes each home beautiful.

Coupled with high-performance lighting control, and even balanced audio coverage, each space in your home and become a safe haven full of comfort, safety and entertainment.

Lighting Control

advanced integrated systems

We strive to create lighting systems and designs that not only look great in a space, but feel great as well. Not only can low-voltage lighting systems provide the ultimate level of comfort and productivity, they can be more eco-friendly as well.

Our system design team has the ability to work with your engineers, architects, designers and builder to create a lighting environment that looks good, feels good, and is easy to use.  With our integrated systems, you will enjoy a quality atmosphere that is simple to control.

Architectural & Invisible Finishes

Design & Efficency

With our small aperture solutions, your technology will blend in and disappear into the design of each space. Matching the shape, size and color of your fixtures and speakers will improve your in-home experience

Small aperture lighting pulls your attention to a lit space, rather than the light itself. Small aperture speakers keep your focus on the sound of each space rather than what the speaker looks like.

Invisible speakers allow you to enjoy premium audio experiences, without ever having to lay eyes on a speaker. Enjoy the benefits of technology being design and built into your home.

Motorized Shades

The Key to incredible lighting

One of the biggest factors in a great lighting system, is motorized shades. They provide you a way for simple control of the natural lighting in each space, and help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

With wired, or wireless options available, you can enjoy great natural light and simple privacy with the push of a button, swipe of the finger or voice command.