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our home automation installation process

our home automation installation process

Bring the theater experience to the comfort of your own home

We have a standardized home automation installation process. As a result, when each service is set up, our technological experts follow a well-defined procedure. It is our policy to ensure uniformity and excellence for our consumers.

Consultation & Budget

Step One

The first step in our home automation installation process begins with a one-on-one conversation where we cover all the needs and wants of your project. Doing this allows us to calculate a budget for your project.  But, most importantly, we take the time to get to know you personally and tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

System Design

Step Two

Once the consultation is finished we will work with our system design team to develop a technology system that will fit in with the design of your home.  We will collaborate with your builder, architect & interior designer to make sure technology blends in with each space. Each system design includes a proposal with the project dollar amount, and a layout of what technology features you will have throughout the home.


Step Three

The next step is simple. After you have approved and signed the proposal, we will get you on our schedule for installation.


Step four

The first step of your project is the prewire stage. This consists of running wire for speakers, touch panels, TVs, shades, security or other items for your project. We also install conduit for future access and upgrades so your home is ready for the future of technology.

Finish Trim

Step Five

Our technicians assess and install the items that bring your home to life. In a clean and efficient manner they put together the rack, containing all the equipment that allows you to control every aspect of your home. They install TVs, speakers, touch panels, lighting control, security cameras and more.


Step six

After installation, a tedious process takes place of programming all the technology in your home into one integrated system. This allows you to simply be able to control the things you love with the touch of a button on keypads, touch panels, or even your mobile devices.

Final Walk Through

Step seven

Lastly, we take you through the final products and the process of each. We want to make sure you understand your new home automation design and system and enjoy it with ease. We promise our customers a thrilling experience and operational system that will run smoothly for years. On top of that, we maintain comprehensive documentation of your completed home system if you require help or assistance. We take pride in knowing and assisting our customers for life.