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Smart Home Gym: 5 Must-Have Home Automations

smart home gym

A smart home gym can customize and personalize workouts at home — but are you getting the best out of your fitness space? Imagine walking into your smart home gym, the lights automatically adjust to your preferred brightness, and your music playlist starts in the background.  

Smart home gyms should have more than the newest fitness equipment with smart features. It should include home automation systems to elevate them and your exercise routine. Below we’ll share five must-have home automations in a home smart gym to motivate you to go further with fitness. 

5 Home Automations to Elevate or Create Your Smart Home Gym

Do you have a space that you want to elevate or use to create a smart gym at home? In addition to fitness equipment with automation, your room should also have smart home technology to support them – here are five that can transform your workouts.  

1. Smart TVs for Elevating Exercise  

First on our list of must-have automations for a smart home gym are smart TVs. You may have a standard TV to watch for entertainment during a workout. But smart TVs go above and beyond because you can track your health progress in real-time and get access to HD fitness streaming content.  

Here’s how smart TVs can elevate smart home gyms: 

  • AI motion recognition to estimate calories burned from on-camera movement analysis with workout summaries  
  • Workout and demo streaming content from celebrity fitness trainers in 4K resolution and OLED screens 
  • Heart rate, oxygen, and facial skin color health monitoring that can connect and communicate with your doctor  

Whether you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, smart TVs are a great place to start with setting up an at home smart gym.  

2. Whole-Home or Room Audio to Energy Boosts During Fitness Routines

An audio system is next on our list of must-have automations for a smart home gym. Did you know listening to music while working out can significantly improve your exercise performance? Whether you want an individual room or a whole-home system, investing in an automated audio system can boost motivation further over consumer-grade equipment.  

Here’s how audio systems can enhance smart home gyms: 

  • Bluetooth connections to stream your favorite workout music playlists from smart devices to maintain endurance  
  • Built-in amplifiers for high-quality audio to listen to fitness programs clearly without disrupting sessions 
  • Subwoofers for immersive bass to encourage energy and reduce workout fatigue 

Audio systems are also customizable based on room size and preferences. This way, any audio equipment you buy doesn’t take up more room than necessary.  

Luxury audio technologies include: 

At AIS, we help homeowners optimize their space and enhance the listening experience through audio system integration. Reach out to us for guidance on maximizing the functionality of your smart home gym and audio based on your unique fitness needs.  

smart home gym

3. Motorized Shades to Maximize Natural Light During Daytime Exercise

Are you an early bird when it comes to working out? Then, you should consider motorized shades for maximizing natural light during daytime exercise. Instead of using artificial light every time, you can control the sunlight in a home smart gym with the touch of a button or voice command.  

With high-end design and fabrics, you can effortlessly open all shades manually or with pre-set schedules. You can also manage when to close automated blinds to protect your smart home gym’s expensive equipment from sunlight damage.  

4. Lighting Automation System for Easy Control that Doesn’t Disrupt Workouts

If you’re not an early bird for workouts, consider a lighting automation system in a home smart gym. These are more than the consumer-grade smart lights on the market. Automated lighting systems are manufactured with low-voltage and human-centric lighting.  

Low-voltage lighting uses less voltage than the standard 120 volts used in most homes. This energy-efficient feature allows homeowners to consume less electricity for smart lights to power when working out at home.  

Human-centric lighting is perfect for a smart home gym because it’s designed to mimic natural sunlight to improve comfort, mood, and productivity. It changes light intensity and color temperature throughout the day to help you stay concentrated during fitness routines and relax post-workout.  

Lighting automation systems can be installed whole-home or for a single smart gym with easy control through a single interface. Ask us about integrating automated lighting systems to make your workouts more enjoyable at home.   

5. Smart Thermostat to Cool Off Easily Post-Workout

Last on our list of must-have automations in a smart gym are smart thermostats. What makes smart thermostats more elevated for an at-home smart gym is their customizable settings.  

You can schedule pre-set temperatures that align with your workout times and adjust throughout your routine. Simply set it warmer in the cooler mornings and then colder throughout the day so you’re not overheated during workouts – or disrupting your session to change it manually.  

For a better smart home gym and climate control, consider a home automation system instead of a separate smart thermostat. Home automation systems include smart thermostats and control all aspects of your home in one place. Instead of using multiple applications for many smart devices, a home automation system centralizes them all in one platform for easier management.  

These systems, like ELAN, are integrated via an in-wall touch panel or mobile application. This way, you not only have a smart thermostat but total home automation control – smart gyms included.  

Integrate Your Smart Home Gym with Home Automation

Integrating home automation into a smart home gym can revolutionize your health and fitness goals. It creates levels of customization to create a personalized and enhanced workout that supports your smart gym equipment, too.  

Ready to elevate your smart home gym with home automation integration? Use our budget calculator or contact us for questions today! 

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