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What is Home Automation?

what is home automation

In a world filled with complications, home has always been a place of refuge. With home automation, you’re able to cultivate that refuge into the ideal environment for relaxation, hosting parties, or creating family memories — all from a single device.  

What is Home Automation? 

Home automation at its simplest is a means by which you control the electronic devices in your home. 

Instead of leaving your A/C at your desired temperature all day, you can program it to come on just before you normally get home from work or have certain interior lights come on when your garage door opens. Home automation gives you the power to control the electronics in your home collectively or as individual components at your convenience while at home and away, through the internet and an electronic interface.  

How Does Home Automation  Work? 

Each device on the home automation network contains sensors and is connected through the internet to an interface managed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, allowing the homeowner to control those devices remotely. The three elements that come together to create a home automation system are: 

1. Sensors 

The sensors themselves monitor certain conditions like light, temperature, or motion. The home automation system uses that data to adjust to your preferred settings.  

2. Controllers 

The controllers are the devices you use to provide the preferences and monitor the status of the electronic devices on the system in your home. This is your tablet, computer, smartphone, and through their voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.  

3. Actuators 

This includes switches, motors, or valves that control the mechanisms of certain devices. These actuators are programmed to be activated or adjusted from the controller.  

All three of these elements work together to create seamless automation of the electronics in your home to create the ideal living environment, home safety, and cost savings you desire.  

Popular Uses of Home Automation 

The possible applications for home automation are limitless. However, the most popular uses include: 

  • Lights. Control the mood of one room or your entire home with lighting controls. Customize lighting for hosting parties, relaxing, watching movies, or schedule your lighting to tune your needs.  
  • Security & Surveillance. Relax in the peace of knowing your home is secure and see for yourself. High-performance cameras and lighting allow you to tailor your home security and check-in anytime you need a little extra assurance while away.  
  • Home Theater. Make your home theater come to life with customizable surround sound and lighting.  
  • Motorized Shades. Protect your family’s privacy while providing comfort and style, all from the press of a button.  
  • Climate Control. Save money by customizing your home’s climate to your needs—no more cooling or heating an empty house. Whether scheduled in advance or on your way home, you are in the driver’s seat of your home’s climate control. 
  • Irrigation. No one to water your carefully planned-out and cultivated landscaping while you’re away? No problem. Your automated system puts your irrigation system in the palm of your hand from wherever you are.  
  • Warning Systems. Fire, leak detection, smoke, and CO detectors are a few of the sensors that can provide warnings of concerns within your home, whether you are there or not, providing additional comfort for your family’s safety.  

Additional applications are rapidly emerging with technological advances and a greater desire for flexibility in the lives of homeowners. 

Benefits of Home Automation 

While some benefits of home automation are obvious, there are many ways that these systems can enhance your home and lifestyle.


Electricity is the most expensive home utility. Your energy usage can be reduced through climate and lighting controls, thereby saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint.  


This may be the greatest benefit of home automation. Not only can smart devices such as fire, carbon monoxide, and other pressure sensors help protect your home from disaster, they can keep your family from harm.  


Everything from remotely locking your doors to video surveillance is in your hands with home automation. Expecting a package? Know exactly when it arrives and why it disappears with automated home security.  


How many times have you driven a few miles down the road only to wonder, “Did I turn off the …?” With home automation, with the push of a button, you can not only see if you did or did not, but you can also finish the task. Also, integration with other systems, such as landscape audio systems, is easy. From programming your lighting and music to checking in on the babysitter, your home is never more than a hand’s reach away.  


Home is the one place you should feel the most comfortable. Automation gives you the ability to adjust the devices in your home to your comfort level, even if that changes by the hour, truly making you the king or queen of your castle.  


While your home automation system is accessible to you at any time from virtually anywhere, what about when you aren’t looking? Text and email alerts keep you in the loop about what’s happening at your home in real-time, so you don’t have to feel tied to your system’s interface at all times.  

Automted Home Technology is the Future. Control It.  

Do you want your home to be the place people want to gather, or simply the place you desire the most? Home automation technology can help you achieve that seamlessly. 

Advanced Integrated Systems provides clients with an experience to last a lifetime. That’s why all of our technicians are highly trained and qualified in smart home technology. We take pride in our work to offer the very best for your home — your refuge. Schedule a Utah home automation consultation to see how we can enhance your home or business with home automation.  

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