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The Benefits of Landscape Audio

benefits of landscape audio

There’s something special about the outdoors that just makes people feel good. Maybe it’s the fresh air or the sound of nature that surrounds us. Whatever it is, we know that being outside is good for our health and well-being. But what if you could take that feeling one step further? By adding landscape audio to your home’s outdoor space, you can transform it into a true oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of landscape audio and how to get started! 

6 Benefits of Landscape Audio for Your Backyard or Patio 

Whether you’re adding an outdoor sound system to your patio, backyard, or pool area, landscape audio has many benefits. Here are just a few: 

1. Bring the Indoors Outside 

One of the best things about an outdoor audio system is that it allows you to bring your chosen audio outside without needing to worry about any equipment. You can enjoy your music and not worry about any electronics getting wet.  

Imagine how an easy-to-use, built-in outdoor audio system could make some of your favorite things to do in your backyard even more epic and memorable. With little effort, you can supply the bridal march for a backyard wedding, jamming to your favorite music while grilling for the family, and even enjoy an evening soak in the hot tub with the perfect relaxing music after a long day at work. With outdoor audio, you can have the best of both worlds — the beauty and feel of the outdoors with the benefits of listening to your music in high quality.  

2. Outdoor Speakers Can Stand Up Against the Elements 

When you’re shopping for outdoor speakers, it’s important to make sure that they’re weather resistant. After all, you don’t want to install your new speaker system to have it short out the first time it rains! With properly designed outdoor equipment, you can rest assured knowing that your speakers are built to withstand the elements. 

This means that you can enjoy your music, podcasts, or audiobooks without worrying about the weather getting your portable speakers wet. Whether it’s a sunny day by the pool or a cozy night on the patio, your landscape audio system will keep you entertained (safely), rain or shine.  

3. The Perfect Solution for Entertaining 

Striving to have the best “party house” for family or neighborhood events? An outdoor audio system is a game-changer for homeowners who throw regular backyard events. No longer do you need to blast music from the patio so that people can hear it on the other side of the lawn. An outdoor sound system can deliver the perfect soundtrack for any outdoor event — at the perfectly tuned volume for everyone.  

If you’re hosting a party, get everyone on their feet with some high-energy tunes played in your sound system. No more juggling with Bluetooth speakers. Just connect your audio source and play. No matter what type of event you have planned, landscape audio can help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

4. Create the Perfect Outdoor Movie Theater  

One of the best things about summer is enjoying a good movie outdoors. But watching a movie on your laptop or phone just doesn’t immerse you in a movie, the way high-quality sound does. With an outdoor home audio system, you can turn your backyard into the perfect outdoor movie theater. Add a projector or outdoor tv and some comfy seating, and you’ve got the perfect outdoor entertainment setup. 

5. Seamless Integration and Control of Your Audio System 

You can integrate your outdoor sound system into your existing home network for seamless smart home audio control. Whether using a remote, mobile app or touchpad landscape audio gives you the power to control your music effortlessly. 

Integrating your smart home automation and landscape audio systems can provide even more control and convenience. For example, you can set your system to turn on automatically when you arrive home or schedule it to play soft background music during a dinner party. You can even set up multiple zones to have different music playing in different areas of your outdoor space. You can pair your outdoor lighting control system and your landscape audio to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.  

6. Immersive Sound without the Eyesore 

With a wired backyard speaker system installed, you can enjoy the incredible sound without sacrificing the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Landscape speakers are designed to blend in with your landscaping, so they’re practically invisible. Consider putting landscape speakers near plants, under benches, or in other inconspicuous places for the ultimate hidden audio experience. For those with covered outdoor kitchens and dining spaces, patios, pergolas, hot tub enclosures, or gazebos, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers can provide excellent sound while blending seamlessly with your outdoor living space.  

Common Types of Outdoor Speakers 

Everybody’s tastes and aesthetics vary, so there are many types of outdoor speakers to fit your style. Here are some of the most common types of landscape speakers: 

  • In-ground speakers: These types of speakers are designed to be buried in the ground, making them ideal for large outdoor spaces. In-ground speakers offer excellent sound quality and can be used in various settings, from backyards to golf courses. 
  • Rock speakers: As the name suggests, a rock speaker is designed to look like just another rock in your landscaping. Rock speakers are a great way to add audio to your outdoor space without compromising aesthetics. These speakers come in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily find one that fits your landscaping design. 
  • Satellite speakers: Satellite speakers are a great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-install solution. The speakers are mounted to a pivoting ground stake, allowing you to “plant” them in the ground and aim them in the appropriate direction giving a uniform sound field. 
  • Outdoor sound bars: If you’re looking for a simple sound solution, look no further than an outdoor sound bar. Sound bars are typically long and thin so they can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a table. 

Each outdoor sound system option has benefits, so it’s essential to consider what will work best for your space. 

Our Recommended Landscape Audio Equipment 

The market is full of great landscape audio solutions, but we’ve put together a few of our favorites to get you started. We use these products when designing and installing outdoor audio for our clients in Northern Utah.  

Sonance Speakers 

The first is the Sonance Landscape Series. The Sonance Landscape Series is a high end audio option for those looking for superior sound without compromising style. With a sleek design and inconspicuous placement options, the Sonance Landscape Series is the perfect way to add audio to your outdoor space. 

Sonance Rock Speakers 

The Sonance range of rock speakers are constructed to endure the most severe outdoor conditions and come with a long-lasting, weather-resistant design. Moreover, these speakers are meant to blend in with the outdoors. The appearance of these speakers will match landscaping designs and fade into their surroundings thanks to the natural stone texture and contours that run across the grille surface. 

Furthermore, Sonance rock speakers have internal wire connections to prevent corrosion and harm from garden equipment. The RK63 and RK83 speakers’ simple stereo setup makes installation a breeze, while the built-in crossover in the RK10W subwoofer ensures simple connection and exceptional performance without the need for extra amplifiers or cables. 

Patio speakers 

Sonance’s Patio Series outdoor speakers are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while providing excellent sound quality. For spaces up to 1,000 square feet, the four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer provide high-quality sound with even, balanced coverage. Additionally, the system may be expanded with the Patio Series 4.1 System for a total of eight satellite speakers and two in-ground subwoofers, giving excellent coverage for outdoor areas up to 2,000 square feet. 


Next, we have ELAN’s Multi-Room and Whole Home Audio and Video system. This packs a punch for both indoor and outdoor use. With this system, you can easily distribute audio and video to multiple rooms inside and outside your home.  

The Elan system also allows you to control your audio from anywhere with its mobile app, making it a good option for those who want ultimate convenience. 

Episode Outdoor Speakers 

For those looking for variety in their outdoor patio speakers, hidden outdoor speakers, and outdoor rock speakers, look no further than Episode Outdoor Speakers.  

With durability, high-temperature tolerance, and waterproofing, Episode home solutions are designed to withstand the elements. And with a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find an outdoor speaker that fits your needs. 

Advice from the Outdoor Audio Experts 

While outdoor landscape speakers are a great way to improve your outdoor audio experience, there are a few things to remember when choosing the right system.  

Our experts recommend considering the following: 

  • The size of your outdoor space: larger spaces require more speakers to fill the area with sound. 
  • The shape of your outdoor space: Open spaces require more speakers than enclosed spaces. 
  • Your budget: More expensive systems will generally provide better sound quality, but there are great options at various price points. 
  • Your audio needs: If you’re looking for background music or want to be able to hear your music from anywhere in your outdoor space, different systems will be better suited for you. 

Understanding Your Backyard Sound System 

Though it’s pretty clear the benefits of landscape audio are numerous, you may be wondering how these systems work. All backyard speaker systems have three main components: an amplifier, source, and speakers.  

  • Amplifier. The amplifier is the brain of the system and is responsible for boosting the signal from the source so it can be heard through the speakers.  
  • Port or source. The source is where your music or audio comes from. This can be a phone, laptop, iPod, streaming service, or TV.  
  • Speakers. The speakers are what actually emit the sound and are usually the most visible part of the system. 

Each part of the sound system plays a vital role in the quality of sound you’ll hear. So, when considering a backyard speaker system, it’s important to consider how each component will work together.  

Outdoor Subwoofers  

In addition to the three main components, some systems also include subwoofers. Subwoofers are specially designed to reproduce low frequencies, which gives music more depth and fullness. These work in tandem with outdoor speakers to create a more well-rounded sound.  

An outdoor subwoofer is a heavy-duty, weatherproof subwoofer that’s capable of handling outdoor installations. It’s the ideal tool for creating all-season sound in any open space. There are currently two main types of outdoor subwoofers:  

  • In-ground — These subwoofers are installed in the ground, making them virtually invisible. They’re a great option for those who want superior sound without sacrificing aesthetics.  
  • Above-ground — These subwoofers are designed to be placed on top of the ground and can be moved around as needed.  

Adding subwoofers to your outdoor speaker system can take it from good to great. But they’re not necessary for everyone. It really depends on your personal preferences and what you’re looking to get out of your outdoor audio experience.  

When choosing an outdoor subwoofer, it’s important to consider the size of your outdoor space. A larger outdoor space will require a bigger subwoofer to fill the area with sound, while an enclosed patio or deck might not need as much power. 

Adaptable and Enhanced User Experience 

When it comes to user experience, outdoor audio systems are no different from your indoor home audio and home automation system. Therefore, your outdoor audio system should be just as easy to use as your indoor system.  

The best way to achieve this is by integrating your outdoor speaker system into your existing home control system. This way, you can control your outdoor speakers using the same app or interface you use to control the rest of your smart home systems, like lighting. Not only does this make things more convenient for you, but it also enhances the overall user experience.  

Take it one step further and install physical volume controls near your outdoor seating area so anyone can make adjustments without having to go inside or pull out your phone.  

Wired or Wireless Landscape Audio 

While wireless backyard speaker systems are becoming more popular, many people still opt for wired systems. Though wired systems may seem more of a hassle, they offer some benefits that wireless systems can’t match.  

Wired systems tend to have better sound quality than wireless because there is no loss of signal strength between the source and the speakers. Additionally, wired systems are less likely to experience interference from things like Wi-Fi routers and other electronic devices.  

Our audio experts use only the best outdoor-rated 14-gauge wiring for our landscape audio installations to ensure the highest quality sound for our customers. However, wired systems generally work in tandem with wireless systems to create the best possible audio experience for the listener. So, if you’re looking to create a custom audio experience, a combination of wired and wireless systems is the way to go.  

DIY Landscape Audio vs Professional Design & Installation  

While trying and installing your own landscape audio system may be tempting, we highly recommend working with a professional. The biggest differences between DIY and professionally installed outdoor audio technology are the system’s quality, look, and sound. 

There are many benefits to having a professional design and install your landscape sound system, including:  

  • Sound quality — A professionally installed system will sound better than a DIY system because the experts know how to position the speakers and calibrate the system properly.  
  • Experienced installers — A professional installation will be less likely to experience issues down the road because the wiring will be done correctly, and any potential problems will be caught before they become major issues.  
  • Better equipment — Professionally installed systems generally have a longer lifespan than DIY systems because they’re made with higher quality components.  

Frequent disadvantages that we see with DIY outdoor audio systems are:  

  • Visible wires – One of the benefits of having an outdoor speaker system is that it’s usually hidden from view. However, if you DIY your system without a proper understanding of how to hide your wires, it can take away from the aesthetics of your landscaping.  
  • Speakers not weatherproofed – If your speakers are not weatherproofed, they will not last as long as they should. This is especially true if you live in an area with harsh winters or high humidity. 
  • Sound quality – without proper calibration, most DIY systems will not sound as good as a professionally installed system.  
  • Lower quality equipment – the difference in speakers, amps, ports, and audio input sources can be drastic, leading to a big difference in sound quality. 
  • Poor design and speaker placement – crooked speakers, loose speakers, and speakers too close together, too far apart, or pointed in the wrong direction all lead to subpar sound. Your audio may be too quiet, too loud, or echoing. 
  • Potential damage to your property – inexperienced DIYers may accidentally damage your landscaping or home during installation.  

At the end of the day, your outdoor audio system is an investment. And like any other investment, you want to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.  

When you work with AIS, you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with the best in the business. We custom design and install each system to match the unique needs of our clients. And because we use only the highest quality components, you can be confident that your system will stand the test of time.  

Make Your Dream Landscape Audio Experience Come True 

So, if you want to create a more inviting and relaxing outdoor environment, consider the benefits of landscape audio. It can be the perfect finishing touch to your oasis.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to set up a backyard sound system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our outdoor audio installation experts are here to help you create the perfect home audio experience. You’ll be hosting unforgettable parties for family and friends in no time! 

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