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Smart Bathroom: How to Make Your Bathroom a High-Tech Haven 

smart bathroom

Bathrooms are where the day starts and ends. Upgrading your bathroom with the latest technology, like hands-free faucets, luxury toilets, and custom lighting control, can make the space more relaxing and even streamline your morning and evening routines.  

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a high-tech haven? Learn more about smart bathroom automation upgrades that can turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house.  

What is a smart bathroom?

A smart bathroom has devices that control its functionality via voice, remote, or phone. For example, new homes are often designed with automated bathroom features like easy-to-control lighting and shading, as well as intercoms and central vac.  

Smart bathrooms can also track medical data, monitor water usage, and provide entertainment—and they’re getting more popular every year, with an industry growth rate of more than 10%.  

We understand that planning a bathroom with integrated technology can initially seem daunting, especially with modern technology you may not yet understand. Whether you’re experienced with smart devices or just starting your bathroom automation journey, here are a few things we recommend for your bathroom.   

Choosing Smart Bathroom Components

Whether you are planning a bathroom remodel or starting with a blank slate, there are a few essential elements for consideration. We recommend starting with standard automation devices, including smart lights and a smart toilet.  

Once the basics are covered, luxurious features such as automated bidets, LED mirrors that display weather, and more can always be added. This smart technology is designed to withstand moisture in bathrooms, but proper ventilation is required for maintenance and functionality.  

Learn the various smart home devices available for bathrooms, their benefits, and best-use applications below.  

Smart Bathroom Lighting and Shading

Lighting and shading similarly impact the smart bathroom experience. From setting up customized lighting schedules to lower energy consumption (and bills) to adjusting brightness levels for ideal comfort, here’s a guide to smart bathroom lighting.  

AIS offers lighting planning and installation services for new builds and existing homes managed through one interface. We can help organize and hide wiring systems and guide you on the most suitable setup bathroom location for optimized space efficiency.   

Smart Bathroom Lighting

Automated lighting systems are rising to the top as one of the most luxurious integrated features in modern homes. They include popular features such as multi-room lighting control, adjustable brightness settings, lighting schedules, and remote power access.  

Smart Bathroom Lighting Recommendation: Lutron and DMF

We highly recommend using Lutron or DMF Lighting for your smart bathroom lights. They offer features that save on electricity costs through automated lighting schedules and send notifications if the power is left on by accident.  

Smart/Motorized/Control Window Shading

Have windows in your bathroom that you would like to control? Motorized shades are the answer.  

Here’s why homeowners are making the switch from traditional blinds to motorized shades:  

  • improves bathroom privacy effortlessly 
  • blocks out sunlight that’s too bright  
  • easy access to switch from artificial to natural light for morning/night routines, putting on makeup, etc. 
  • preserves your home’s furnishings from natural light damage with easy light control 

At AIS, you can choose from various high-end motorized shade designs, including color and fabric options. Motorized shades are practical for a smart bathroom as it optimizes the room view while maintaining privacy.  

Smart Media for Bathrooms

It’s no secret that people use media or smartphones while using the bathroom — and around 93% of Americans do! What if you could go device-free and keep your phone (and hands) germ-free? That’s where integrated audio and video can help.  

Parents can keep toddlers entertained with a TV or music while getting ready. Or, you can watch a movie while cleaning the bathroom. There are so many possibilities for having smart media for bathrooms. 

Integrated Bathroom Audio

Audio is a significant step in creating the most immersive, innovative bathroom experience possible. Whether playing your favorite music playlist for your morning shower, listening to the news or a podcast while you get ready for the day, or relaxing to serene forest sounds while you soak in the tub, an automated bathroom audio system can change how you feel in your bathroom, forever.  

Bathroom Audio Recommendations: Sonance, James LoudSpeaker, and McIntosh

Audio and video integration is more than a home stereo system. It’s a new way to experience music, movies, and other audio tracks — and it can be integrated into your smart bathroom! At AIS, we use cutting-edge smart home technology, audio equipment, and materials to complete your smart bathroom audio design and installation.  

Here are some of the smart bathroom audio options AIS integrates: 

  • in-ceiling speakers 
  • in-wall/invisible speakers 
  • intercoms  
  • architectural speakers 

We recommend trusted audio brands such as Sonance, James Loudspeaker, and McIntosh to experience the best speaker technology and equipment in your smart bathroom. Additionally, these audio systems can be managed in home automation systems such as ELAN to control all your smart technology in one place.  

Smart Waterproof TVs by Seura

If you’re looking for a bathroom TV, we recommend purchasing an indoor waterproof smart TV from Seura. From rust-proof structures to dual television-mirror features, homeowners are turning to smart bathroom TVs instead of traditional versions because of their multi-functionality.  

smart bathroom mirror

Smart Mirrors

For our technology enthusiasts, a smart bathroom mirror installation is a solution to transform a high-tech bathroom into a full-fledged futuristic home. 

Smart Mirror Recommendation: Seura Vanity Mirrors

Seura’s smart vanity mirrors have the highest-quality smart mirrors on the market.  

Some of Seura’s product features include:  

  • Bluetooth connection  
  • intelligent overlay that displays time, date, weather, temperature, and email 
  • internet connection for web browsing 
  • map app for directions 
  • phone screencast on mirror display 
  • touchscreen control 
  • voice commands  
  • Whether you want to watch videos, download apps, or listen to music on major platforms during your morning routine, you might never want to leave your bathroom with these cutting-edge features. 

Bathroom Climate Control

Smart Thermostat 

What are the benefits of smart thermostats at home? One of the main selling points is its ability to automatically learn your temperature preferences throughout the day and program itself to adapt to your preferences.  

It can learn how warm your home gets throughout the day and automatically adjust the temperature to create a more comfortable environment, preventing those “what’s the temperature set to?” moments. It’s the most effective way to manage bathroom climate control.  

Smart Thermostat Recommendations: Honeywell, ecobee, and ELAN

Home automation systems are the best investment over individual smart thermostats because they not only control climate, but also manage all smart home technology in one place.  

We highly recommend using Honeywell or ecobee smart thermostats. Its features include location tracking on its mobile app to lower the temperature when you leave the house to save on energy costs. In addition, they tie in well with ELAN home control systems to manage all of your smart home technology easily in one place.  

In-Floor Heating

Are you tired of walking onto cold tiles in your bathroom, especially the first thing on cold mornings? Consider installing underfloor heating for your bathroom to make that first step of the day more enjoyable and productive. 

In-Floor Heating Recommendation: Warmup

Dread the cold no more because the Warmup Underfloor Heating automatically heats the bathroom floor to your desired temperature. With so many advanced smart technologies available, creating your own luxurious and comfortable bathroom experience is more accessible for homeowners now than ever. 

smart bathroom

Bathroom Plumbing & Fixtures

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are among the most popular and demanded smart bathroom appliances. Some of them have smart bathroom features, including: 

  • adjustable lighting 
  • automated bidets 
  • automatic flushing 
  • deodorizer timers 
  • heated seats 
  • motion sensors  

Learn our recommended smart toilets to transform your bathroom below.  

Smart Toilet Recommendation: Advanced Clean

Our recommended intelligent toilet is the Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toilet because of its innovative technology.  

At around $3,300, this appliance offers the following features:  

  • self-cleaning with dual nozzles 
  • automatic opening and closing lid 
  • warm air dryer to minimize toilet paper use after rinsing. 

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or upgrading your current smart system, this appliance is a great place to start because it includes many lifestyle benefits.  

Smart Faucet

A smart faucet is a perfect first step for new home automation users because of its cost-effective automated features that seamlessly upgrade the bathroom experience. 

Smart Faucet Recommendation: Charmingwater

If you’re looking for a luxurious yet cost-effective touchless faucet, the Charmingwater Touchless Bathroom Sink Smart Faucet is a practical option.  

The key features of this smart faucet include the following: 

  • automatic sensor for touchless functioning  
  • preset and adjustable water temperatures  
  • rater conservation features that stop flows if no movement is detected  

Additionally, upgraded bathroom plumbing fixtures, such as smart toilets, can increase the value of your home.  

Smart Shower

When it comes to a smart shower, there are many features to look for, as it depends on personal preference. Do you want multiple shower heads on top and sides? Is water conservation important for your home? These are vital questions to ask yourself before deciding on a smart shower.  

Smart Shower Recommendation: Moen

One of the most sought-after smart showers available is the Moen Smart Shower Controller

This product’s features include the following:  

  • Custom temperature control 
  • 5-inch LCD screen that displays date, time, and water temperature – able to home automation control systems like ELAN 
  • Water conservation feature sends notifications when the temperature is set and pauses the flow until you enter 

We highly recommend a smart shower in your bathroom remodel to save on water bills, increase productivity, and boost your getting-ready regime.  

Smart Bathtub

A smart tub is the first item on this list which isn’t widely accessible yet but will be soon. While many luxurious tubs are available, very few can be called smart ones.  

Smart Tub Recommendation: Kohler

For these smart bathroom gadgets, we highly recommend the Kohler Smart Bathtub. The design uses Japanese forest bathing to provide a luxurious spa experience.  

Its features include: 

  • built-in fog machine  
  • engineered sound design  
  • full-spectrum lighting  

It’s a genuinely exciting advancement in the home automation industry and should be on your wish list for a bathroom. 

Smart Water Assistant

The purpose of a smart water assistant is to optimize water usage and centralize control for all water sources. Homeowners are now switching to these smart bathroom devices to save on water bills and practice more sustainable habits.  

Smart Water Assistant Recommendation: Phyn

The Phyn Smart Water Assistant is an example of a modern amenity that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist before or became a home standard. It sends notifications of leaks or other issues with your faucet. It can even detect problems across all your water sources. It’s worth checking out and investing in if you want to improve water usage. 

Water Recycler

A water recycler is a form of water filtration that connects to the kitchen sink. Every homeowner needs water filtration, so consider automating this necessary amenity to save on water bills, drink purer water, and streamline maintenance. 

Water Recycler Recommendation: Tytent 

 A homeowner’s favorite is the Tyent Water Ionizer. What makes it unique from traditional water filtration systems is its tailored, smart home features, such as: 

  • automatic self-cleaning 
  • dual filtration 
  • flood prevention sensor 
  • fully adjustable alkalinity setting for more acidic or more alkaline water 
  • interactive touchscreen controls 

Many homeowners are integrating water recyclers into their smart bathroom designs because of their advanced filtration systems.

Smart Bathroom Accessories

Smart Bathroom Mat

The bathroom is where you start the day, and a smart bathroom mat can streamline your morning routine. Make those first morning steps easier with features such as posture elevator, alarms, and footprint recognition.  

Smart Bathroom Mat Recommendations: Ruggie and Bbalance

Two smart bathroom mats are essential to have in your smart home.  

Ruggie is a pressure-sensor alarm clock to help outsmart your groggy morning self. Rather than pressing snooze on your phone alarm, Ruggie will make you get out of bed and stand on the mat for a specific time to turn off the alarm – ideal for work commuters or children getting ready for school.  

 The BBalance Smart Bathroom Mat is a 3-in-1 weight scale, balance and stability reader, and posture evaluator. It connects to a smartphone app to collect data about your posture and provides advice for improvement.  The most cutting-edge part is that it can recognize your footprint, allowing for a personalized experience for anyone using it.  

Both mats can improve your getting-ready routines and are considered smart home bathroom ideas.

smart bathroom cabinets

Refrigerated Bathroom Cabinets 

Do you use skincare products or description medication that requires cold storage away from damp places? Then a refrigerated bathroom cabinet could be a suitable investment. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a cabinet that acts as a refrigerator that can be installed directly into your bathroom.  

Whether it’s makeup that can damage at room temperature or you want to grab a beverage within arm’s reach, refrigerated bathroom cabinetry is a two-for-one automated technology.  

Build Your Dream Smart Home Bathroom Today

If you’re ready to create the smart bathroom of your dreams, we’re here to help. AIS has a team of experts who can help you select and install the perfect home automation products for your needs.  

Our smart home solutions can make your bathroom more luxurious, convenient, and practical. From integrating home audio and lighting control, our team can customize a stellar bathroom design that’s unique to your lifestyle.  

Visit our budget calculator to know where to start or contact us streamline your smart bathroom design today! 

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