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How Integrators Work with Other Contractors During a Smart Home Build

smart home build

Are you a homeowner in the middle of a renovation project and want to incorporate a smart home build into your design? Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting, integrating smart technology into your home’s design requires contractors specialized in home automation — also known as custom integrators.   

Here’s how integrators and general home contractors work together to ensure you get the most out of your smart home build.   

smart home build

Understanding the Smart Home Build Process

Smart home integrators are contractors who work with general home contractors to ensure the wiring, hardware, and smart devices are installed at the right time, work to their fullest potential, and fit your design aesthetics during the build and installation process.  

Let’s explore more about integrators fit into the home build process in 2023.  

What is a smart home integrator?  

An integrator is another name for a low-voltage electrician/smart home installation company that specializes in smart home system integration. System integrators specialize in smart home systems and work closely with homeowners to create customized home automation systems.  

They typically have a team of in-house experts that take care of the following:  

  • designing and engineering 
  • procuring equipment 
  • wiring and installation 
  • configurating systems and setup 

Custom integrators specialize in low-voltage smart home technology, including: 

Although there are electricians who service home theaters and sound systems, integrators have specialized training in designing whole home systems with integrated control.   

Next, we will delve into the way that hiring a custom system integrator for your smart home benefits not only the end product, but the rest of the build team along the way. 

What is a general home contractor?

A general home contractor oversees a team of subcontractors who work in various departments of new home construction. For example, a general contractor manages independent or in-house subcontractors who work on the electrical system, HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and more. They do not specialize in smart home services.  

General Home Contractor Experience in a Smart Home Build

As mentioned, general home contractors and electricians do not specialize in home automation services. However, system integrators specialize in smart home installation and hire electricians to help with specific design aspects, such as low voltage wiring.  

They collaborate with other subcontractors to ensure the smart home technology is incorporated into the home — practically and aesthetically. They also coordinate to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.  

smart home build

What You Risk if You Skip Using a Custom Integrator for Your Smart Home

By enlisting the skills of a professional integrator to work alongside your general contractor during your smart home build, you can rest assured there will be no gaps in the project. Homeowners risk system quality and functionality issues with their smart home technology if they skip using custom system integrators. Smart home technology requires specialized electrical work, and integrators work with other subcontractors to ensure your new high-tech home produces incredible results.  

To get the most out of your smart home build, hiring a low-voltage system integrator is just as vital as working with specialized plumbing, HVAC, or flooring contractors.  

How to Plan Home Automation and Construction

When planning a home automation construction project, it’s essential to get an idea of how the process works.  

Below is a step-by-step guide on what to expect from a system integrator during your smart home build: 

  1. Integrators create a system design that shows where the technology and wiring will go — some integrators charge a design fee for this service due to the skill and training required to create system design plans.  
  1. Project management team will manage the scheduling of prewiring, installation, and programming — they act as the liaison between homeowners and contractors to handle all communications and ensure their needs are met.  
  1. Integrators will conduct a final walkthrough — to ensure homeowners know how to use their system and ensure the project scope expectations are reached.

At AIS, we offer service packages for monitoring and maintenance, so your system is always properly taken care of after the project is complete. 

Next, you should understand how smart home technology integrates into your home.  

smart home build

Integrating Smart Technology with New Home Construction

The first step in integrating smart home technology during your home renovation or new construction is to consult with integrators during the pre-design phase.  

  • If your home is a new build, consulting with system integrators before the drywall is installed is critical so they can help you plan for wiring, pre-wiring, and ensure your home is optimized for technology.  
  • If you’re a homeowner in an existing home, consult with your integrators in the initial design so they can place equipment and wiring so that it is hidden from view but still accessible. 

During your consultation, they’ll discuss smart home devices, how you will control them, and your budget. Once you have found an HTA-certified integrator, the next step is to plan the project.  

Consider the following smart home ideas to integrate into your design: 

There are many benefits of smart home automation, including convenience, water conservation, and lower energy bills. If you‘re working with system integrators, they can help you plan for integrating smart home technology into your renovation or new construction.   

smart home build

Streamline Your Smart Home Build Today

Now that you know how low-voltage custom integrators work together with other contractors during smart home builds, you can start searching for home automation installation services.   

At AIS, our system integrators are HTA-certified to meet the rigorous standards set for home automation companies. We are proud to bring technical expertise and solid customer service that the Home Technology Association (HTA) recognizes and qualifies as trustworthy in the smart home technology industry.  

Contact us if you need help deciding on the right smart home services for your next project.  

Ready to start your smart home build? Use our budget calculator to begin your home automation journey today! 

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