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Smart Home Ideas for New Construction  

smart home ideas for new construction

Are you building your dream home? Here’s why you should consider smart home features in your design. With evolving technology, there are many options available now more than ever. From cutting-edge features for additional comfort, energy-efficient products, and increased home equity, here is how to implement smart home ideas for new construction.   

Why Build a Smart Home Design?  

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the air conditioning when leaving the house? What about forgetting to lock the door? It has happened to us all at some point, but with a smart home, you never have to worry about forgetting your leaving home safety checklist because you can control everything from a mobile device while you’re away.   

When designing a new smart home, homeowners can save on energy costs, gain remote control, experience enhanced security, and add resale value. Investing in modern technology, especially in a new build construction, can increase a home’s equity because of the additional features not included in the original design.   

Energy Savings of Smart Home Technology  

One of the benefits of an automated home system is that it will be more energy efficient – saving on both costs and energy.  

The best smart products for a greener home are:  

  • Smart Thermostats – Temperature regulation while you’re away or set a schedule to adjust the temperature automatically as the day progresses  
  • Smart Lighting – More energy-efficient and allow access to turn them off while away  
  • Motorized Shades – Keep the house cooler using less energy  

Investing in energy-efficient home devices can provide tremendous ROI for homeowners.    

Comfortable & Custom Home Systems 

Building a new construction home with modern technology allows you to choose each device and which system works best for your family. These features can include technology suited to your needs and add more ease to your day.  

A new home is exciting and adds to the comfort of knowing the technology is advanced and installed correctly to last a long time. Another benefit of building an automated home system during construction is the freedom to hide all unwanted wires in the walls so they are not visible when the project is finished.

Smart Devices for Lifestyle Efficiency   

The hub includes scheduling features inside one mobile app to make your lifestyle easier. It can control the power on appliances and set specific times to turn them off when not in use to save on electricity.  

It’s critical to consider that not all smart products offer the same benefits. Some devices are more energy efficient than others but are still the more eco-friendly option than standard ones. Non-automated home systems require manual control, are only available onsite, and can use products that require more energy to function.

Smart Home Security   

The advanced security benefit of smart home devices is one of the most wanted features for new homeowners. It allows you to view your home’s security system in real-time remotely. If you’re worried your front door is unlocked or traveling on vacation and want to check on the house, simply log onto the app to see multiple camera views. Here is a list of security smart device options available and how they can improve your quality of life.   

Automated Landscape Lighting  

Smart lighting systems connect to your central home hub, so you can easily schedule when they power on/off and trigger them in case of unwanted activity.  

Automated Home Security Alarms  

Smart alarms are automated and sensitive to detect motion immediately. If there is any movement, an alarm will sound and notify you there is something on your property. There are also custom notification settings where you can set up a call, email, and text from the app to contact you and others on your emergency contacts list.  

Smart Technology Increases Home Resale Value  

Since smart devices are in high demand, they can increase your home’s equity significantly when reselling. We understand that automated home systems are an investment, and the first step before purchasing should be to understand your living requirements. To pick the right products, you should consider your family’s lifestyle to get the full functionality required to support your needs.  

The most equitable home technologies include:   

  • Automated shades   
  • Smart lights  
  • Smart sprinklers  
  • Smart thermostats 

Once you confirm the must-haves for your home, you will only invest in what you need while increasing re-sale value in the future.  

Benefits of Having a Smart Home  

Smart homes are beneficial for many reasons, including luxury, ease of mobile access, and enhanced safety. Here is a breakdown of why homeowners upgrade their new construction builds with advanced technologies.  

Modern Home Technology Can Be Affordable and Luxurious 

Managing your home’s electrical system with the click of a button can add a touch of luxury while being affordable, depending on the products chosen and their installation schedules.  

Modern home technology devices that can stay within budget are:  

  • Automated shades – Can be set on a timer to open and shut at certain times of the day or voice-controlled   
  • System controller – Gives the ability to control your system throughout the home with touch panels, wall switches, and mobile devices  
  • Smart thermostat – The ability to customize the temperature to your lifestyle and schedule 

Remote Control of House Appliances & Technology  

One of the perks of a new home design is the ability to control everything from the convenience of your mobile device at any time. Whether you’re not home or on vacation, you can manage your house at your fingertips.  

Some device features that are manageable remotely include:  

  • Temperature control – Adjusting the temperature settings while away and when returning home is an efficient way to save energy.   
  • Power control – Manage and customize home lighting systems. Set up specific lights you want to keep on for safety and receive notifications if you forget to turn certain lights off when leaving the house.  

Increased Safety & Privacy in Smart Home Products  

Implementing modern home security systems can be beneficial for many reasons, but most importantly, it helps prevent safety issues before they happen. These products can turn on outdoor lights or sound the alarm to deter pests, possibly saving your life or preventing property damage.  

Featured benefits of advanced home security include:  

  • Ability to see which devices are on and off  
  • Complete mobile control of all home systems 
  • Full remote access is available 

New home builds can attract a lot of attention. To keep your new home safer and deter crime, we recommend a high-quality home security and surveillance system that includes sensors, cameras, and lighting.  

Home Automation Increases Equity  

Since smart home designs are in demand, the resale value can significantly increase after installation. As with any modern machine, these technologies require monitoring and maintenance throughout their lifetime. Ensure that all smart devices are updated to get the maximum value for your sale.  

How to Build a Smart Home System  

When considering adding smart devices to your home design, choose which products and services work best for your specific needs. From lifestyle requirements to budget planning, here is a guide to deciding the right home automation system for you. 

Understand Your Smart Home Technology Needs  

Before deciding on the devices to have in your home, it’s important to take note of what kind of experience you want to have.  AIS has great options available for every lifestyle. When you understand the experience you want, we can help you create a system that meets your expectations.  We can assist with choosing devices that will give you a safer, more entertaining, comfortable, and customized experience.

Budget for Building a Smart Home  

Depending on the total budget, automated devices can be affordable. We recommend speaking with your builder about including the home technology budget within your total home budget. For assistance with creating a smart home budget, use our free Home Technology Calculator that’s powered by the Home Technology Association (HTA). This easy-to-use tool helps consumers plan and budget for any home technology project.  

How Lifestyle Choices Affect Home Automation    

smart home ideas for new construction

The next step when investing in home automation is understanding your lifestyle and its essential qualities. For homeowners who love to entertain guests or have a large family, home theater automation can take the experience to the next level while being easier to use. There are fewer remotes because everything can be managed through your smart hub or TV screen, making your home theatre less cluttered. Home theatre automation controls lighting systems and sound levels via voice command too. Many households could benefit from smart technology because it can make daily lifestyles easier.  

It’s vital to figure out lifestyle choices before installation because prices can increase if you request changes after the initial setup. Enter this project with a complete understanding of the chronological installation order based on your requirements and which tasks can wait. 

Requirements for Building a Smart Home from the Ground Up  

As mentioned above, deciding what you need and want is crucial to determine before the installation process. It can make home automation more affordable if you confirm the needs at the start and save the optional elements for later.  

Common household needs for automation include:  

  • Smart thermostat – Offers scheduling features to keep households at the perfect temperature at home and away  
  • Garage door openers – The ability to open garage doors from afar for streamlined entering and exiting house access 
  • Surveillance cameras – Monitoring your property inside and out can give peace of mind 

Consider Smart Home Design Ideas You Want vs. Need 

A home design with modern technology is an investment, so you should enjoy your purchase. To get everything you dreamed of in-home automation, add the non-mandatory options after your lifestyle requirements because they can be available for installation later. 

Common smart home technologies include:  

  • Smart speakers – A whole home audio-integrated speaker system to take movie night to the next level  
  • Intercoms – The ability to speak with anyone throughout your house  
  • Wired networks – Allow devices to connect to a centralized hub with stronger connections if you own multiple smart home devices. If your current connection is weak, this can make your system weak.  

If you need assistance figuring out the absolute essentials for home automation, we highly recommend consulting with AIS to fit your lifestyle needs. Our team of professionals has more than 20 years of home automation experience with a sleek modern style and solid reputation. We can make your new smart home construction dreams a reality.  

Collaboration with Smart Home System Contractors  

Including all parties in the planning and execution process is essential for designing automated home systems to the best specifications. Consultations with audiovisual (AV) experts from the beginning of the construction process can offer additional design perks, such as hiding wires. Ensure to include AV professionals with your home design team communications for streamlining simultaneous projects.   

Work with Qualified Integrators When Building Custom Home Systems 

A qualified team can mean many things to different people, so let’s review some aspects to look for when deciding on a contracting team to build your new construction.   

  • Years of experience – As a note, the more experienced team can cost higher, so keep budget in mind when deciding how much experience you require while comparing quality.  
  • Work methods – Smart home automation installers have different approaches. Consider the house aesthetic and how you want your team to work before looking for a match.  
  • Reviews – Check the company ratings online to ensure they’re reliable before booking them.  
  • Home Technology Association (HTA) certification – This should be a requirement when searching for a home automation company. HTA-certified firms undergo rigorous training to ensure they’re technically competent, demonstrate solid customer service, and have a positive reputation.  

When hiring an automation service to transform your home, the firm you choose will have an immense impact on how you live. AIS is proud to be HTA-certified with technically qualified professionals who have a proven history of unrivaled care for their clients.

Popular Smart Home Products and Integrations  

Advanced technology home products have many uses that can integrate into your current system. From temperature regulation to customizable security settings, here’s why many homeowners are implementing automated technology.  

Smart Devices for Temperature Regulation  

With advanced technology, it’s controllable from the convenience of your mobile phone. All that is required is to download the free app, and free reign is available to manage the temperature of your house. The ability to fully control your home from anywhere can help with energy costs. If an appliance or device was accidentally left on, simply turn it on via the app.  

Automated Home Lighting Systems 

Since automated lighting systems are easily accessible, you can control your lighting easily from a mobile device anytime and anywhere. Easily power on and off, adjust brightness levels, and the color all on the same platform as the rest of your home’s technology. Homeowners find this feature extremely helpful for turning off forgotten lights.  

At AIS, we offer modern lighting systems with power automation, including:  

  • Lighting and Lighting Control – Lutron  
  • Landscape lighting – FX Luminaire  

Whether you’re looking for advanced interior or landscape lighting, we offer cutting-edge technology to upgrade your current system. 

Smart Devices for Security and Safety  

Automated home devices provide enhanced property protection, such as surveillance, security cameras, and home system control. If you are unsure a door is locked, you can use a smartphone or home touch panel to check the lock status.  

smart home ideas for new construction

Another common feature that homeowners enjoy is the ability to control the power of landscape lights from the same system. These devices can provide additional safety and comfort. Whether you’re double-checking an unrecognizable noise outside your home with alarms or monitoring your property while away, automation can be the answer. 

Hands-Free Smart Home Products 

Do you want to make your smart home project even easier? An ELAN smart home control system is the preferred home automation brand for a centralized location to manage your smart home devices. ELAN is accessible from a mobile application and voice command for comfort and convenience. AIS can integrate this system seamlessly into your smart devices to maximize your living and workspaces.  

Home Audio and Surround Sound Technology for New Homes 

Take your home entertainment to the next level with modern audio and surround sound systems

At AIS, we offer industry-leader brand names, including: 

  • James Loudspeaker  
  • JL Audio  
  • McIntosh Labs  
  • Monitor Audio  
  • Sonance  
  • Sony  

Create the ideal viewing experience for your space with various screen sizes, projectors, and television options available.

What are some challenges with smart home devices?  

Smart home technology can be fun but challenging if you’re new to automated devices. After the final decision on products, follow-up maintenance tasks are required. Here is a guide to help with the maintenance process and support the longevity of your devices. 

Organizing and Managing Home Automation Systems   

A common challenge homeowners experience with smart home construction is the organization and management of multiple systems. There can be a different system for each device which can be time-consuming and hard to balance.  

The solution to this issue is implementing an ELAN Control System that manages all devices in one centralized location. This system offers the ability to control all devices from the convenience of one application. It’s a user-friendly system for homeowners of all skill levels and is easy to use.  

Tips to Stay Current with Smart Home Technology   

Since these systems are controllable digitally, they require consistent updates and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Here are three ways to keep up with the ongoing monitoring of automated devices.  

For help with keeping up with changing updates, make sure you:  

  • Have automatic updates setup to prevent missing software updates 
  • Schedule one day every few months to check for maintenance tasks required 
  • Stay in contact with your installation technicians for upgrades and questions 

At AIS, we have maintenance service plans available that can take care of any issues or updates remotely, or a technician can visit your home to help upkeep your system.  

The final step of planning smart home ideas for new construction is finding the right products and hiring installers specializing in advanced home integrated systems.  

How to Find the Right Home Devices for Your Needs 

Every home is unique, and your home automation system should reflect that. When browsing for products, conduct preliminary research to ensure they also support your lifestyle requirements. 

Hiring a Qualified Smart Device Installer  

Finding a qualified home automation device installer can be challenging. We highly recommend researching online for the right service provider. Check their portfolio and look at their Google reviews of relevant work experience before consulting.   

Get Started on Your Smart Home Journey with AIS  

As you begin to plan your new construction project, AIS can support all smart home needs with our budget calculator. Our team of professionals has decades of industry experience upgrading homes with cutting-edge audio, lighting, and home automation technologies. From small-scale upgrades such as LED lighting to larger projects such as complete home automation systems, we can help outline your automated home ideas for new construction. 

Contact us to help design and install a custom smart home solution that fits your lifestyle and budget today. 

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