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Landscape Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Yard 

outdoor landscaping with spherical garden lights

Landscape lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your home’s exterior. It can add security, value, and a touch of luxury all at the same time. With the right landscape lighting, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy and highlight the best features of your home and yard. So, if you are looking for landscape lighting ideas, you’ve come to the right place. With a little guidance from the experts at AIS, you can easily find the perfect landscape lighting for your home. Read on for some of our favorites.  

Getting Started with Landscape Lighting 

Before purchasing any lights, decide what voltage works best for the fixture and your landscape. There are two types of outdoor landscape lighting, 12 volt or 120 volts. 12 volt is the low-voltage outdoor lighting and needs a converter from the house electrical wiring to the lighting since houses run on higher voltage. The other option is the 120-volt lights which can be plugged straight into the houses electrical lining. 

A great feature of low voltage landscape lighting is that it can all tie into the same system to be controlled all in the same place. From changing the colors to turning the deck lights off, it can all be done from the click of a button on the same platform. Since these lights can change colors, they can dually be used for holiday lights year-round. Just change the illumination to red and green and your house will be the most festive on the block. 

Landscape Lighting Techniques 

There are many ways to show off a feature in your yard, from spotlights to an accent light, we will go over all the different techniques to make a grandstand in your outdoor space and show you where to place landscape lighting fixtures. 

Grazing – Placing the light fixture close to a wall and high up so the light has a sharp angle down the wall 

Shadowing – Lighting placed far in front of the focal point directly at it and creating a shadow on the wall behind. 

Silhouetting – Light is behind the feature item and the light bounces off the wall to create a shadow like effect of the feature piece. (Shadowing and silhouetting are similar, but one has the light in front of the display, and one is behind.) 

Downlighting – Light is fixed up high and pointing downwards either at an item or towards wall to cast lighting better. 

Up Lighting – Light is fixed down below and pointed upwards either at an item or towards wall for better lighting. 

Area Lighting – These lights are to cover large areas; the lighting fixture is put up high and not directed at anything. Examples would be a parking lot or stadium lighting. 

Moon Lighting – Soft lighting from above and wide that looks like the moonlight

Spotlighting – Light that is pointed directly at a feature from the front to highlight it.  

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Every Home 

There are plenty of landscape lights to make it your space so choose the best outdoor lighting idea that works best for you and don’t be afraid to mix and match. After this article you should know how to choose the best outdoor lighting fixtures for your home.  

Be sure to check that the landscaping lights you choose are meant to be outdoors and can withstand the rain, heat, snow, or any other weather condition. Also, for this kind of lighting, paying for higher quality products and installation is worth the price difference because they will stand up to the elements and time. 

The leading brand in landscaping and architectural lighting that we use is FX Luminaire. This brand can be used for any kind of outdoor lighting including path lighting, step lighting, and up lighting. These lights are LED lights so there is no need to change light bulbs and they are more energy efficient. With this system, all the exterior lighting can be controlled from once place. 

Path Lighting – This outdoor light is along the path to keep the area well lit. These lights can be on the ground or up above. 

Tree Lighting – These lights go pointed at a tree, whether pointing upward, downward, or in the branches. If you are feeling special, try wrapping the branches of the tree in string lights for a festive look. 

Pool Lighting – Lights that are inside a pool to make it safer to swim in at night. Can also be path lights next to the pool so there is a boundary. 

Ground Lighting – Also called disk lighting, these ground lights are circular and, in the ground, typically along paths or gazebos. This recessed lighting is circular in shape and shoots the light straight up. 

Garden Lighting – Lights that are set up in a garden to highlight any greenery or flowers. 

Driveway Lighting – Easy to install landscaping lights that go along the driveway, typically low voltage and can be solar powered. 

Front Entry Lighting –These lights are typically above or on either side of the door for front entry lighting. 

Flower Bed Lighting – Lights in a flower bed to showcase the vibrant colors and blooms. 

Outdoor Stair Lighting – Used for safety so no one falls, goes on either side of the stairs to illuminate it. 

Motion Sensor Lighting – Light that turns on whenever they detect something in front of them moving

There are so many ways to spruce up curb appeal, so you will have to decide what works best for your home and needs.  

Create the Perfect Outdoor Ambiance with Help from AIS 

No matter what landscape lighting ideas you have in mind, the professionals at AIS can help you bring your vision to life. As low voltage lighting experts, we offer a range of services from lighting design, wiring and installation to home lighting control and automation.  

We will work with you to create a landscape lighting plan that enhances your home’s natural beauty, provides the perfect ambiance for entertaining, and increases your property value. Visit our budget calculator to get started on your landscape lighting project today! 

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