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  • Smart Home Kitchen Appliances: Tech Upgrades that belong in your Dream Kitchen Design 

Smart Home Kitchen Appliances: Tech Upgrades that belong in your Dream Kitchen Design 

smart home kitchen appliances

A smart home is all about convenience, efficiency, and connectivity. What could be more critical in the heart of the house than the kitchen? Here’s a guide to smart home kitchen appliances and the upgrades available to help create the perfect dream kitchen for your needs. Whether using wired network integrations or other automation home technologies, these upgrades will make time in the kitchen more enjoyable and productive. 

How Smart Home Integrations Enhance Your Kitchen Experience 

Smart home kitchen appliances are increasingly helpful in improving energy and water conservation. 

Some smart products that are more energy-efficient include: 

Automation devices manage the amount of entering heat and light through controlled regulation. Smart refrigerators and dishwashers support water conservation because they are programmed to sense over usage and provide temperature control. These modern kitchen appliances also have a convenient timer, temperature monitor, and weather forecast. When it comes to smart ovens, it can help prevent safety risks by notifying you if the power is still on. 

Smart Kitchen & Wired Network Integrations 

Smart kitchen appliances can be wired or not wired, depending on your device and how many are in your kitchen. Due to their structure, wired connections are typically faster and more robust than wireless connections. However, both connection types work for most devices.  

Kitchen Lighting 

We highly recommend wiring kitchen lighting into the walls to hide them for practicality and safety. Avoid exposed wires that can cause household guests to trip while providing a clutter-free space.

smart home kitchen appliances

Many homeowners enjoy the custom power settings in smart kitchen lights, including:

  • Dimming Features – Change the kitchen mood and adjust brightness levels any time of day. It can also activate by voice or smartphone. 
  • Color Changes – As long it’s a smart bulb, colors are changeable from white, red, blue, and more. 
  • Automated Power – One of the most popular features is the remote ability to turn the lights on and off. It can program appliances and devices by preparing them as desired before returning home. 

We also suggest wiring kitchen lighting to prevent delays or bad connections for your lights. 

Different types of kitchen lighting systems are: 

  • Under cabinet lights 
  • Toe kick lights 
  • Overhead lights 

These automated lighting systems can complete a kitchen look and add more brightness to areas where the natural light doesn’t touch as much. 


Audio automation can include speakers, subwoofers, and surround sounds. The audio device can be placed anywhere from the wall out of sight or the counter in easy reach. It all depends on your preference.  

Depending on the location, smart audio installation could require wireless or wired speakers. We suggest deciding on the speaker location before setting up. To determine if an audio device should use wires, visualize the placement and practicality first. We recommend choosing a wireless connection if you anticipate cords being in the way.  

If you are looking for a clean, sleek space, opt for wireless audio devices. The wireless setup can keep countertops clutter-free by installing the speakers on a nearby wall, so it’s out of the way but easily accessible.  


A kitchen TV is a common household addition, but how can a smart TV make this shared space even better? Smart TVs typically require a wired connection due to the wattage amount required to run. However, it is easy to hide the wires in a clutter-free area. 

Adding a TV to the kitchen can be both convenient and luxurious. Here are ways this technology provides lifestyle comfort: 

  • Watching cooking shows 
  • Looking up recipes 
  • Listening to music 

Séura indoor TVs are a great luxury-tier entertainment option that works well in kitchens and bathrooms. These devices can also promote increased productivity and happiness in the kitchen because it virtually connects to others and your technology – even while you are cooking.


Intercoms are a fun way to spice up a kitchen because it allows you to talk to anyone around the house. Depending on the placement, intercoms are installable via wires and wirelessly. These devices can add safety to your household by allowing everyone to communicate more efficiently in case of emergencies – or fun dinner-is-ready announcements over the speaker. 

smart home kitchen appliances

Assistant Devices 

Did you know that assistant devices are available hands-free? They allow users to create voice commands to complete tasks without manual entry or interactions. 

Assistant devices are helpful when: 

  • Hands full of groceries
  • In the middle of cooking 
  • Preference for voice commands 

These devices can integrate with an ELAN control system that manages your devices in one centralized platform. Make household chores more creative by creating a shopping list while listening to your favorite music. 

Central Vacuums 

Central vacuums are wrapped into wired integration devices because they are built into the house frame. These smart vacuums are easy to clean and help with household messes more efficiently than standard types.  There are no cord length limitations, and they can improve indoor air quality due to their enhanced suction power and simple maintenance. The key factor in the functionality success is the inlet placement, which we recommend consulting with a professional first as it is a permanent installation. 

Smart Home Kitchen Appliances to Consider for Your New Kitchen Design 

Smart home kitchen appliances can take guest entertainment to the next level because of their efficiency. For example, touch screens have easier readability and multiple functions, making cooking a breeze for finding recipes. From smart ovens, fridges, dishwashers, and coffee makers, we are sure you will find a smart kitchen appliance that fits your household. 

Smart Ovens 

A smart oven is an essential part of kitchen functionality. Since it operates on an automated system, it can power on remotely. This feature allows you to meal prep in advance by preheating the oven via mobile app before returning home. It creates more efficiency and the ability to have a hot meal ready after a long workday. 


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a smart refrigerator can make it grow fonder. This smart appliance has many capabilities to streamline your household, including:

  • Maintenance notifications – Monitor repairs and maintenance schedules 
  • Food inventory – The ability to always know what’s inside the fridge 
  • Internet access – Touch screens to watch cooking videos or search for recipes 

These are only a few benefits of smart kitchen appliances that make cooking experiences more efficient, cleaner, and interactive.


Everyone knows that the most dreadful part of kitchen cooking is cleaning up afterward. Here are three ways a smart dishwasher can streamline the tidying process: 

  • Start wash cycles and check the status via a mobile app
  • Remote access available
  • Maintenance alerts as required

Making chores easier with automated technology is a no-brainer, especially in highly trafficked areas of the house.  

Coffee Makers

A smart coffee maker allows you to schedule ahead when coffee should be brewed and view when the water needs refilling. This feature is ideal for working professionals to set a timer for when their coffee pot needs to brew at a particular time each morning. 

Automatic Range Vents 

A helpful feature of this smart home kitchen appliance is that it automatically senses heat levels and powers them on when it reaches a certain level. It prevents kitchen overheating because the range detects when the temperature levels are too high and automatically vents out for a cooler cooking environment. 

Water Filtration System

A water filtration system is installable onto a stainless-steel sink nozzle or fridge to supply fresh drinking water. It is also beneficial for people with allergies or households that experience issues with their local tap water. The filters provide safe drinking water for expectant mothers and children because it removes unwanted minerals. 

The Benefits of a Smart Kitchen 

Overall, smart kitchens are beneficial assets and provide tremendous resale value. Since these are new technologies, you can enjoy them with longevity. 

Some benefits of modern kitchen appliances include: 

  • Efficiency – Streamline the cooking process and kitchen tasks. Hands-free options for devices and control maintenance issues in the app. 
  • Sustainability – Smart devices are energy-efficient by using less water and energy to extend appliance lifetime. 
  • Organized Living – Displayed fridge inventory makes it easier to decide what is for dinner and what you need to buy. Enjoy voice-controlled to-do lists or web searches for food recipes for optimal meal prep.
  • Enhanced Safety – These appliances are programmed to sense their surroundings such as automatic power ventilation or turning on a fan for fire safety. 

smart home kitchen appliances

Build Your Dream Smart Kitchen with AIS 

A comprehensive guide to smart home kitchen appliances and upgrades can help you create the perfect dream kitchen for your needs. Smart technology integration for kitchens can make daily life more enjoyable. 

AIS is happy to help you plan, install, and integrate your home with automated systems. As leading smart home integrators, we have the experience and knowledge to complete any household project. With our team of experts, we’ll work with you to create a smart home that meets your exact needs and exceeds your expectations. 

We offer automation services, home entertainment design and installation, lighting control systems, whole-home audio, and more. 

Contact us to start planning your smart home project today! 

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