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Smart Home Real Estate: How to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value 

smart home real estate

The demand for smart home technology is rising in the smart home real estate market, and homeowners can make a great return on investment now more than ever. From building assets to meeting new buyer demands, here’s how homeowners can significantly increase their home’s equity with automated technology. 

How does smart home technology increase resale value? 

Smart technology is now a significant factor in increasing a home’s resale value. The integration of smart home systems offers increased assets, pre-installed technology is a significant selling point for potential buyers, and it meets growing real estate buyer demands. As the value of smart homes increases, integrating smart technology into your home can increase its resale value and provide a valuable return on investment.  

Smart Home Technology Builds Equity 

The main reason smart homes have better resale value is that the technologies are considered assets, which builds equity. The more automation a house has, the more equity the property has, which increases its resale value. Home automation builds equity because of the value it provides homeowners, such as energy efficiency, remote 24/7 monitoring, and added lifestyle convenience. 

The current real estate market reports that 77% of buyers are more interested in smart homes. Home automation devices and systems are now valuable assets for homeowners looking to invest in their property for higher resale value.  

Pre-Integrated Smart Home Real Estate Sells More

Did you know 81% of homebuyers prefer pre-integrated smart home real estate? Homebuyers are looking for homes already equipped with modern, cutting-edge technology that’s “move-in ready” in today’s real estate market. They provide convenience and cost savings since they don’t need to invest in purchasing and installing these products and systems — and are willing to pay more than integrating it themselves.  

Due to this current demand, you can list your home at a higher price point and get a better return on investment. Smart home real estate that’s pre-integrated is a major selling point for home buyers in today’s market.  

Smart Home Technology Meets Current Real Estate Industry Demands

In the current real estate market, smart home technology is in high demand. As more buyers look for homes with the latest smart technology, home automation can meet their needs and make your home stand out from other listings.  

Here are some of the current smart home real estate industry demands:  

  • Most buyers have multiple smart devices — growing demand for easy, remote access to smart home systems like any other mobile or online application  
  • WFH workers who live in remote locations — more demands for safety and strong networking, including the general population   
  • Homebuyers want more sustainability — increased demand to lower energy bills, especially since more technology can use more electricity  

By integrating home automation, your house can meet the growing real estate industry demands for smart homes while making a great return on investment.  

5 Best Smart Home Upgrades to Increase Home Value 

The best smart home systems to increase resale value include those that enhance security, convenience, and energy efficiency. By incorporating these technologies into your home, you can add value and appeal to potential buyers while enjoying the benefits of a connected and automated living space. 

Below is a breakdown of automation systems that provide the best resale value for homeowners.  

1. Motorized Shades 

One of the best smart home systems to build equity is motorized shades. With motorized shades, you can control the amount of light that enters your home to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment with a smart device or home control system. They can also be programmed to open and close automatically, providing added convenience for potential buyers. 

motorized shades

2. Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems are another top asset that can increase a home’s resale value. With smart home security systems, you can monitor and control access to your home and receive immediate alerts in the event of a break-in. This can provide peace of mind for potential buyers, improving their house protection. 

smart home security

3. Smart Lights 

Smart lights and landscape lighting are also great ways to increase a home’s resale value. Automated lights can control the interior and exterior lighting from a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, smart lights can be programmed to turn on/off automatically, adding convenience and energy efficiency to the house. 

smart lights

4. Home Movie Theaters 

For entertainment enthusiasts, home movie theater automation is the flashiest selling point for homebuyers and is sure to stand out from other listings. They provide cutting-edge entertainment areas that impress potential buyers while increasing equity. A home theater is often regarded as one of the best smart home investments, so you can be sure your home will gain more interest. 

Planning a home theater couldn’t be easier with AIS. We offer home theater integration services, including installing and wiring projector screens, smart TVs, surround sound systems, ambient lighting, and more.  

smart home real estate

5. Home Automation Control Systems

Finally, home control systems are a convenient way to increase a home’s resale value. With a home control system such as ELAN, you can control all your smart home technology from your phone, tablet, or other smart devices.  

Home automation control systems can manage the following: 

  • interior/exterior smart lighting 
  • smart thermostats 
  • home security systems (security cameras, doorbell cameras, motion sensors, door locks) 
  • home audio systems 
  • certain smart appliances 

When all your smart home technology is managed in one place, it makes it easier for potential buyers to manage it while increasing your home’s equity.  

smart home real estate

Elevate Your Smart Home Real Estate with AIS

Home automation is a great return on investment as the smart home real estate industry demands continue to rise. Are you ready to increase your property’s resale value while enjoying the benefits of smart home technology? 

Use our budget calculator to get a quote, or contact us to help increase your home’s equity through our home automation services today!  

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