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Home Theater Automation 101: Upgrade Your Life

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Do you wish your home theater experience could be more like the theaters in Hollywood? With automation, it can. Home theater automation has become increasingly popular over the last few years as people realize how much easier their lives can be when they’re not fighting with their home theater system to play a movie or TV show. 

In this article, we will discuss how home theater automation can improve your life and upgrade your home entertainment experience! 

What is home theater automation? 

Before we get into how home theater automation can make your life easier, let’s discuss what it actually means. 

Home theater automation combines home automation technology into your home theater room. It lets you control all of the components in your home theater through one central hub. You will be able to turn on and off lights, adjust volume and change channels, all from one device. The hub will send out signals to the various home theater components, telling them what to do. 

This is great because it means you won’t need multiple remotes for your TV, sound system, and lighting anymore! Instead of running around looking for the remote for each component before watching a movie, you can use your phone or tablet to control everything. 

How to Set Up Your Home Theater System with Home Automation 

Now that you know what it is, let’s talk about setting up your own smart home theater system! 

The first thing you will need is a hub. This can be one of three things: an existing device like Apple TV or Roku, a standalone controller such as the Universal Smart Remote or something built into your TV. 

If you already have a smart home theater system, then the hub is probably built in! 

However, if it’s an older model or not connected to Wi-Fi, you will need to add this functionality with one of the other two options listed above. 

Reasons to Automate Your Home Theater System 

You might be wondering why you should even bother setting up a home theater system with automation. 

Even though it’s not high-tech, one of the best reasons to automate your home theater is because you will have fewer remotes and less clutter! If everything can be managed through your smart hub or TV screen. There won’t need extra remotes for lighting, sound, and other components. This will make your home theater automatically look cleaner! 

Another reason to upgrade is you’ll have the ability to use smart features that improve the quality of how movies are played back in your home. 

For example, some TVs or even external streaming devices like Apple TV allow you to automatically adjust the volume depending on how loud or quiet it is in your home theater. This helps prevent any jarring changes in noise level while watching a movie and keeps things more consistent for everyone! 

Benefits of Home Theater Automation 

There are more benefits to having a smart home theater system than what was mentioned above: 

Integration – Many home automation systems now integrate with other smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. This means that if you have one of these devices, you can use voice commands to control your home theater system! 

Two-way Communication – This means that if you want to turn on a light with your remote, there’s an option so it can tell another device (like smart lighting) to turn off once the movie is over. Everything will work together in harmony! 

Lighting Control Systems – One of the first things most people think of when smartening up their home entertainment center is making sure that everyone can see the screen correctly. This is why smart home theater systems often come with lighting control built right in. 

Sound Control – Another benefit of using automation in your home theater is that you can set it up so that sound automatically adjusts to what’s happening on-screen. For example, if there are action scenes with loud noises and explosions, the sound will turn down before this happens! Once everything calms back down, the volume returns to normal once again. 

You can also use your smart home hub to operate other appliances in the house. This way, you won’t need another remote control for those items! 

Automate Your Home Today 

If you want to upgrade your Utah home theater but aren’t sure where to start, don’t hesitate to contact AIS

We can install the best home theater system for your needs and provide custom solutions that suit you perfectly. We also provide information on the best home theater products for your needs and help you set up automation to control everything by one central hub. Start today! 

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